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Greener Computing

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This submission to Techrite’s TechTalk may be somewhat controversial so we would like to point out that there are a number of opinions available and that they all have very good points to consider.  Computer techs like us have observed a trend with technology with regards to making equipment last longer.   These observations are the culmination of over 30+ years experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to speed up your computer

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We rely on our computers even more than ever.  The usual complaint made about a personal computer is that they run much slower than they did brand new.   This article will outline the most popular procedures that you can do to turn back time to when your computer was fast and enjoyable.

Fake Anti-Virus

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EXAMPLE: Antivirus Clean 2011 screenshot

We want you to read this posting and then pass it along or tell others what you have learned. This page outlines what we encounter daily and sincerely hope we are able to help others understand how to keep safe and prevent getting ripped off by internet scammers.

Fake Anti-Virus Programs:

These programs are floating around the internet and are designed to be installed very quickly through deceiving you within a website.  The main goal of these programs are to appear like they are scanning and finding errors instantaneously.  Some examples of these errors are Hard Drive errors, Registry errors and reports of current system infections.

Do not enter any information into these applications.  Get it cleaned immediately and consider changing your previous antivirus application. Read the rest of this entry »